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Making meetings more meaningful for over 25 years.

About Us

America’s Favorite Office Caterer provides delicious food paired with unparalleled service.
It’s a win-win.

We started over 25 years ago with a simple mission:

To deliver delicious, reliable office catering. Today, we’re still helping businesses across the country eat well at work. We’ve grown and now have multiple locations across the country, and we haven’t stopped innovating with new, fresh recipes in all of our locations. Mission accomplished!

Shared food inspires shared ideas.

Meetings. They’re an important part of business. Any business. A gathering of minds to communicate, consider ideas, discuss challenges, and plan new ways forward. It’s a shared purpose that brings us together, but it’s sharing a meal that bonds us.

We call this convention ‘breaking bread’.

It’s a business ritual that channels our energy and restores our human connection. Eating together nurtures a deeper dialogue and warms the soul. Spirits are lifted over a meal. Breaking bread affirms trust, inspires confidence, and offers comfort.

This is our commitment. We make this happen. You could say, we set the table for this shared experience. We are the silent partner who takes care of everything.

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